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Posted on April 24, 2015 at 4:09 PM Comments comments (744)

So you come across a nice vehicle that's for sale?  It seems to be what you want and the seller even gives you a deal that you simply can't refuse.  There's only one thing...., the seller doesn't have the title to the vehicle.  In this first segment in the Serious Auto Title Problems series; I will highlight the reasons why someone would  buy a vehicle without a title, red flags to watch out for when buying a vehicle without a title and the consequences of buying a vehicle without a title.

Reasons Why People Buy a Vehicle Without a Title:

  • The buyer believes that they received too  much of a great deal on the vehicle to pass it up.  They buy out of urgency and desperation.

  • The buyer may believe that the vehicle is for parts only.

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Buying a Vehicle Without a Title:

The following red flags are usually present in a situation when an individual buys a vehicle without a title:

  • The seller is selling the vehicle at an amount that is significantly lower than book value.

  • A sense of extreme urgency to sell the vehicle is shown by the seller.

  • The seller stresses a Bill of Sale is ALL YOU NEEDin order to get a title from the DMV or there's the case in which the seller may  not even give you a Bill of Sale at all.

  • The sellergives excuses why he can't give you a title to the vehicle; i.e. the title is lost, destroyed, he's waiting on the title from the dealer, bank, etc.

  • The seller can't or won't give you any legitimate proof that they are the actual owner of the vehicle.

Consequences of Buying a Vehicle Without a Title:

Regardless of how sweet the deal is for the vehicle that you want, if there is no title present, you will open the door to the following consequences:

  • DMV will reject your transaction because you lack a title or a properly assigned title to the vehicle.

  • There is the possibility that a lien is on the vehicle.  If the lienholder recovers the vehicle; you will encounter financial loss.

  • The vehicle could be stolen.

  • Salvage issues could be present on the record of the vehicle.

In essence, count the costs when considering buying a vehicle without a title.  Even if you have a reason to believe that the vehicle is not stolen, there is no lien present, salvage issues, etc. there is always the high possibility that delays and financial loss will occur.

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Posted on March 25, 2011 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)
ShareVehicle Title ServiceYou bought a vehicle but you don't have a title,  a bill of sale; so is the vehicle still yours?  Technically, the vehicle isn't yours because you don't have proof of ownership.  As a vehicle titling solutionist; this is a common problem that I hear from my clients and others often.  I communicate truthfully with every client who is in the loophole of "buying a vehicle" without receiving a title.  If you purchased a vehicle and paid for it in FULL, then you should receive a title, so that you can get the vehicle titled in your name. 
Why shouldn't you buy a vehicle without a title? 
  • The person who is "selling" you the vehicle, may have a lienholder on the vehicle.  Don't be fooled by the year of the vehicle.  A lien may be on the vehicle regardless of the year.
  • The person selling you the vehicle, may have "bought" the vehicle they are selling  you from someone else, while not acquiring a title from the person who "sold" them the vehicle. In essence a situation of "title skipping" is present.
  • The vehicle that you are being presented with may actually be stolen
If you have purchased a vehicle without actually getting a title in your hand for that vehicle, or if you are in this type of dilemma now, don't hesitate to call Wisdom & Authority Titling Solutions for a solution.  Failure to take action to get your situation corrected; will mean that you won't be able to operate your vehicle legally, because the vehicle wasn't yours to begin with.