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Posted on June 29, 2011 at 11:23 PM Comments comments (18)
Let me start by saying that titles and registrations go hand in hand at the Virginia DMV; however each serves a different purpose.  The purpose of the title is to show ownership and the purpose of the registration is to allow the proper operation of a vehicle with the information on it being linked to the plates on the vehicle and the designated expiration of the plates.  Accordingly, to tie the both together; the title and the registration should show the same owner/s on both. However, there is an is an exception to the rule; when it comes to a leasing company .  For example, on the title if the vehicle is a lease (the owner's name will show the leasing company) and on the registration card the leasing company will show as the owner and the vehicle lessee will appear as "c/o" or in care of under the leasing company.  With the focal point of this segment on registrations there are a few points that one should adhere to, when it comes to auto registrations in Virginia:
Correct Address:
  • While it is not necessary to have the correct address on a title, it is imperative to have the correct address on the vehicle registration card.  The correct address shows the residence of the vehicle owner and the garage jurisdiction.  The garage jurisdiction is where the vehicle is primarily kept.  Note: The garage jurisdiction doesn't necessarily mean that the vehicle is kept at the owner's residence; it could be kept somewhere else.
  • When leasing a vehicle, be sure that as the lessee your name, address and garage jurisdiction is on the vehicle registration card, and on it correctly by the DMV.  In the event you were pulled by law enforcement; they will need to see that your name, address and garage jurisdiction are on the registration.
When A Vehicle Isn't Being Operated or is Being Sold:
  • If your vehicle isn't going to be operable and or you are selling the vehicle, you have three choices: 1. you can either deactivate the plates (temporarily cancel the plates)  2. you can surrender the plates by turning them in or 3.transfer your registration and plates to another vehicle that you own (this must be done legally at the DMV, and not just by physically removing plates from one vehicle to another)  If you plan to deactivate or surrender your plates, do so before you cancel your auto insurance.
  • It is wise to either deactivate, surrender or transfer your registration prior to selling your vehicle. If you sell your vehicle without handling your title and registration properly by allowing someone to operate the vehicle while using your registration and plates; you are putting yourself at risk for insurance liability and consequences with the law; in the event your vehicle is involved in an accident, or the vehicle is involved in some illegal act; this is because the vehicle is still in your name. 
If you are experiencing a registration mistake, dilemma or any other issue, contact your vehicle titling solutionist at Wisdom & Authority Titling Solutions today.  The sooner you get help, the sooner you will be in compliance with vehicle registration requirements.