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Virginia Dealership/Auto Auction Went Out of Business- And You Didn't Get a Title?

Posted on August 11, 2011 at 8:12 PM Comments comments (110)
Some auto dealers and auto auctions are using the economy as a scape-goat to display sloppy and or negligent practices when it comes to providing their customers with auto titles and or title-work.  True, many auto dealers and some auto auctions are feeling the economic pinch; but is that really an excuse to suddenly vanish and close up shop without supplying customers what is due them- A VEHICLE TITLE; after a vehicle purchase has been made.  
Car purchasers beware: provided that you paid for the vehicle in full and there's no lien or lease involved; you are required to receive a title for your vehicle.  Out of fairness, dealers/auctions have 30 days in the state of Virginia to obtain   a title for the new purchaser of a vehicle (from their business).  There are times that a dealer/auction may exceed the 30 day limit; which in some ways are feasible; however if a dealer/auction is consecutively behind in supplying its customers with titles or titling and registering the vehicle for the customer; then red flags are raised.  The following are tips to apply; so that you can avoid   the "title-less gridlock":
  • Check with your local BBB chapter on any possible complaints/stats on the dealer/auction of interest
  • Check the status of a dealer/auction with the motor vehicle dealer board
  • Be cautious of overzealous sales people (who constantly use time as a factor in making your choice to buy)
  • Observe the productivity of the staff and offices (if chaos and an unorganized environment is present--WATCH OUT)
  • Before signing any documents; ask the title clerk or person presenting you with your documents is there a title on hand to give you-(THAT DAY), once the transaction is complete.  Note: this is only if you have paid for the vehicle in full (no liens or lease).  If there is no title on hand to be given you; then at least you will know that there is a possibility that you may run into a titling delay.

If you find yourself in a titling situation regarding a dealer/auction that has went out of business or are giving you excuses as to why you aren't being provided with a title; Wisdom & Authority Titling Solutions is available to provide you with the help you need today.