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Posted on April 27, 2015 at 10:39 AM Comments comments (581)

You have a vehicle that you need to sell, but you don't have the title.  You decide to just give the buyer a bill of sale and tell them that they can get a title with just that.  No worries right?  After all, you can't find the title (we'll see...)  In this next segment of Serious Auto Title Problems, we'll take a look at Selling a Vehicle Without A Title.  Matters that will be regarded are: reasons why people sell vehicles without titles, the types of people who sell vehicles without titles and the consequences that arise when selling a vehicle without a title.

Reasons Why People Sell Vehicles Without Titles:

The main reason why people sell vehicles without titles is because they don't want to be bothered by DMV and the process of getting a title.

Other Reasons Are:

  • The seller isn't the legitimate owner of the vehicle and lacks proper ownership documents to begin with.

  • A car flipping scheme is present.  The individual/s don't make it a priority to get a title because they just want to flip the vehicle for quick cash.

Types of People Who Sell Vehicles Without Titles:

When it comes to people selling vehicles without titles; generally you'll find the following:

  • Car Thieves

  • Individuals who have a lien on the vehicle and no longer want or can make payments on the vehicle and looks for a way to sell their vehicle quickly, to make quick cash.

  • Illegal "dealers"

  • Car flippers/curbstoners

  • Individuals who decide buys a vehicle without receiving a title and later changes their mind about keeping the vehicle and decides to sell the vehicle even though they don't have a title. As a result a title skipping issue occurs.

Consequences When Selling Vehicles Without Titles:

While selling a vehicle without a title may not seem like a big deal, and the opportunity to escape DMV red tape may be tempting; the following outcomes occurs; should you decide to sell a vehicle without a title:

  • Fines and or imprisonment (as selling a vehicle without a title is illegal)

  • Dealers can lose their dealer license

  • Lawsuits can be brought on by the buyer who didn't receive a title from the seller/owner of the vehicle.

  • Lienholders can take legal action against their customer who decides to sell the vehicle without their consent-NO TITLE WAS CLEARED AND RENDERED.

While it may appear effortless to sell a vehicle without a title; a warning to those who choose to do so is that legal persecution and financial misfortune is around the corner should they avoid taking the legal path in obtaining a title.

Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions LLC is your title source and expert on basic and extremely complicated title matters.

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Selling a Vehicle Without a Title

Posted on September 14, 2011 at 12:13 AM Comments comments (131)
A few months ago, I submitted a post, about buying a vehicle without receiving a title.  In this segment, the tables are turned, and my focus here is on people who sell vehicles without supplying titles.  For those of you who are lienholders, I will mention you in a fair manner in this segment-so don't worry.  I am submitting this post, because of the the "titleless" bind that I see people in day after day.  Unfortunately, when individuals sell vehicles without giving a title to the purchaser; it's the purchaser who will experience titling delays, and or titling misfortunes.
First, for individuals (excluding dealerships/auctions, lienholders and other businesses) if you are selling a vehicle you should have a title (IF THE VEHICLE IS IN FACT YOURS).  If you have lost the title then you can obtain a duplicate title from the DMV.  If you never received a title from the lienholder, then you are to contact your lienholder and request the title.  I understand that there are sticky situations that can occur, regarding the titling situation; but if you are selling a vehicle; it is your responsibility to supply a title to the purchaser.  Doing so relieves you from the burden of having the vehicle disposed/sold unproperly, issurance issues, property taxes, etc.; if you comply accordingly.  Also, there are some people who think that a Bill of Sale, will constitute the issuance of a title-- sorry, but that isn't the case.  A Bill of Sale, isn't a legal document and is completely separate from a title.
Next, if you are selling a vehicle to someone, who is making installment payments on the vehicle; you are considered a lienholer if you accept installment payments.  In this case you aren't obligated to supply a title to the purchaser, until the purchaser has satisfied the payment and or contract agreement.  You can see to it that the purchaser of the vehicle, get the vehicle title properly (in his or her name), but then you should put yourself on the title as the lienholder and then you can retain the title yourself.  For lienholders who fail to give the purchaser the title (after the payment agreement/contract), has been satisfied; please be advised that legal consequences will follow.  Accordingly, the following are a few reasons why individual sellers don't supply titles to the purchasers:
Reasons Why Individual Sellers Don't Supply a Title to the Purchaser:
  • Lost the title
  • Are involved in a title skipping scam (whether knowingly or unknowingly) and may or may not have the title
  • The vehicle is stolen and the person is trying to sell the vehicle for quick cash and or parts
  • The seller is trying to hide important data from the title/vehicle record (i.e. water damaged vehicle, VIN discrepancy, odometer discrepancy, salvage issues, etc.)
Please be advised that assistance is available to you regarding your titling situation.  If you desire to sell a vehicle and are having a challenge in obtaining your title; Wisdom & Authority Titling Solutions is available to assist you today.