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What is a Freight Broker

Posted on December 24, 2011 at 11:13 AM Comments comments (47)

The purpose of this post is to help owner operators and trucking companies reach their potential in building and expanding their business, by obtaining loads.  In the trucking industry if an owner operator doesn't get loads or is unable to find loads then that owner operator won't get paid.  In this posting, you will learn what a freight broker is and the benefits of having one.

What is a Freight Broker?

A freight broker is is an agent who brings motor carrier and shippers together.  The motor carrier is seeking loads (to earn revenue) and the shipper need goods shipped and distributed accordingly.  The freight broker assists the motor carrier and shipper in price negotiation, so that both parties are satisfied with the payment terms.  Another responsibility of the freight broker is to ensure that the goods that the motor carrier is transporting gets to the shipper's desired destination in a safe, damage-free and time-conscious manner.  Without the presence of a freight broker, the motor carrier and the shipper will otherwise have a challenging time in finding each other.

Benefits of Having a Freight Broker:

  • No need to search for loads (the freight broker does this for you)
  • Constant work (if the freight broker is productive and reliable)
  • Some will take care of plate, registration,  and permit costs
  • Possibility to earn a great income (if the freight broker is productive and reliable)
  • Some offer a variety of load type options (stepdeck, reefer, dryvan, flatbed, etc.)
  • Fuel cost assistance options (offered by some)

If you are an owner operator who don't like the stop and go of trying to locate and secure loads, the assistance of a freight broker will help you.  Wisdom & Authority Titling Solutions will put you in line with a freight broker, who has constant work, different load types to meet your needs and level of comfort, offers great pay and will help you succeed in the business.  Whether you have one truck or a fleet, it doesn't matter.  We get you loaded and keep you moving.  Even if you need help finding reliable drivers, we take care of that for you as well!