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Department of Transportation Safety Regulations

Posted on February 2, 2012 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Companies who are in the transport industry, owe it to themselves to stay in compliance with safety regulations under the Department of Transportation.  What I'm about to mention in this post, is nothing new to many of you, who are in the transport industry; however it bears repeating because violating DOT's safety requirements will render serious consequences.  The transportation industry is very fast paced and the focal point of transport companies is to ensure that passengers or goods are transported to the desired locations within a timely fashion.  While it is important to satisfy the transport time of goods and passengers, it is extremely important to take safety requirements mandated by DOT very seriously.  In this post, the two points of focus will be on safety requirements that are enforced by DOT and the consequences for not complying with such safety requirements.

Safety Requirements:

  • Routine Vehicle Maintenance Performance and Inspections
  • Alcohol and Drug Programs
  • Truckers-Drive Time Allotment (Work and Rest Balance)
  • Log Books (Routes, Mileage, etc.)
  • Employment Application Files (for employees)
  • Background Check Files (for employees)
  • Proper Operating Authority on File
  • Insurance/Surety Bond Requirements on File

Note: Please be advised that this is a compiled list and other areas of safety are expanded beyond the above list.
Consequences for not Complying with Safety Requirements:
  • Operating Authority Suspension/Revocations
  • Cease of establishment operations
  • Hefty fines and penalties
  • Suspension/Revocation of Commercial Driver License
  • Possible lawsuits

Note: Please be advised that this is a compiled list and other areas of consequences are expanded beyond the above list

If your company needs assistance maintaining safety files, or need help with operating authority, please contact Wisdom & Authority Titling Solutions for help today.  Getting the assistance that you need as well as being in the know will keep you proactive and avoid potential mishaps or acts of negligence that could have been avoided.

Source: U. S. Department of Transportation