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Mechanic & Storage Lien Assistance

Posted on September 9, 2012 at 3:33 PM Comments comments (715)

This post will focus on mechanic and storage liens.  My goal is to provide clarity to those who aren't too clear about what a mechanic or storage lien is.  Accordingly, I will address what a mechanic or storage lien is and what a mechanic or storage lien is not.  

What is a Mechanic or Storage Lien?

A mechanic or storage lien is a legal process in which a lien is levied upon a vehicle for services that were rendered but weren't paid for. Generally, a mechanic or storage lien can't be filed until the vehicle has been in the repair, tow, recovery or storage company's possession for at least 10 days (varies by state) Those who can file for mechanic or storage liens are vehicle repair, tow, storage and recovery companies.  Accordingly, the  sole purpose of a mechanic or storage lien is to allow the company filing who hasn't received compensation for the service/s rendered to sell the vehicle at an auction or to obtain the title to the vehicle; so that any it can offset any financial lost regarding the repair or storage of the vehicle.  The following shows which type of companies can file for which type of lien:
  • Auto Repair Companies: Can file for both a mechanic and storage lien
  • Tow Companies: Provided the tow company doesn't conduct repairs, a storage lien can be filed only
  • Recovery Companies: Assuming the recovery company doesn't conduct repairs, a storage lien can be filed only
  • Storage Company: Can file a storage lien only

What a Mechanic or Storage Lien Is Not?

  • Isn't to be used in lieu of filing for an abandoned vehicle title
  • Can't be filed, if someone picks up their vehicle (promised to pay the mechanic on good faith) and fails to pay.  Note: the reason that a mechanic/storage lien can't be filed is because the mechanic/tow/storage or recovery company no longer has the vehicle in their possession
  • Can't be used by anyone unless they are a vehicle repair, tow, storage or recovery company
  • Isn't a lien that you can claim any dollar amount in compensation that you like.  The NADA or book value of the car is a factor as well as the actual monetary charges that are being sought

Wisdom & Authority Titling Solutions is committed to providing you with professional mechanic or storage lien assistance.  If you have vehicles on your property that you rendered services on, help is at your service and that includes dealing with DMV, vehicle owners and other third party agencies on your behalf and all of the paperwork to ensure that your mechanic or storage lien matter is covered from start to finish and with accuracy.