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Multiple Owners on a Vehicle Title

Posted on September 29, 2012 at 10:33 AM Comments comments (108)

In this post, I will talk about  multiple owners on a vehicle title.  With that being said, emphasis will be placed on two types of scenarios; multiple owners on a vehicle title (in the case of joint ownership) and multiple owners on a vehicle title (in the case of title skipping or title flipping).  

Multiple Owners on a Vehicle Title (Joint Ownership)

Let me start off by saying that almost everyone whose had a vehicle titled in their name before, is familiar with the ability to get a vehicle titled in 2 names.  In addition to this, it is also true that a vehicle can be titled with more names (usually up to 5 total- depending on the state).  

Important Points Regarding Joint Ownership:

  • All owners on the title have equal ownership regardless of their position (1st, 2nd, etc.)
  • All owners have the right to add "rights of survivor-ship", (in the event of death, the rights will be automatically transferred to the other surviving parties)
  • In the event the parties wish to sell the vehicle, all parties on the title must sign as the sellers
  • In the event one party wants the other party or parties off of the title (the individual or individuals who are asked to be removed, must consent to being removed-by signing the title over to the other remaining party or parties.  Note: if the person who is being asked to be removed, has no desire to do so, then the situation becomes a civil matter and must be taken to court, because all parties on the title have equal ownership.

Multiple Owners on a Vehicle Title (Title Skipping)

Multiple owners on a title in the case of title skipping is not good and to be frank, it's illegal!  For those who are familiar with my previous posts on title skipping you are familiar with what this situation is.  If you aren't, I will give you a brief description of multiple owners on a title in regards to title skipping.  An example like this might be when you purchase a vehicle from someone and they give you a title.  On the title, you will see that a seller and buyer signed in one section, a seller and buyer signed in another section, and so on.  Unfortunately, the title was never transferred (as it should have been).

Important Points Regarding Title Skipping:

  • The last buyer who is presented with the title, usually has the challenge of getting the vehicle title because they aren't the "actual owner"
  • It's illegal to transfer titles (with multiple owners on the reassignments), unless you are a licensed dealer
  • DMV reject title skipping issues, and sometimes depending on the severity of the matter it can result in a civil (court) dispute between the parties involved.

Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions is available to assist you with your vehicle title needs.  If you need to title a vehicle with joint owners or if you are involved in a title skipping situation, you owe it to yourself to get professional vehicle title help today.