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Bought a Vehicle Online Without a Title

Posted on June 2, 2013 at 9:39 PM Comments comments (198)

If you have read my posts about title skipping or buying a vehicle without a title; you owe it to yourself to gain more insight about getting or buying a vehicle without a title.  This post, however will focus mainly on the issues associated with buying a vehicle online, "where there is no title present or given".  Keeping that in mind, areas such as the "types" of people who sell vehicles online without giving titles, and reasons why you should avoid buying a vehicle online without a title will be highlighted.

First, I want to say that buying a vehicle online isn't necessarily a bad thing. The problem is when you buy a vehicle online and don't receive a title (provided that you paid for the vehicle in full).  When buying a vehicle online, I strongly urge the prospective buyer to do his or her due diligence, by ensuring that a title (a legitimate one of course) is available.  

Next, what type of people sell vehicles online without giving titles or the proper title to the vehicle?  To be honest, individuals and unlicensed "dealers", usually take advantage of the possibility of selling a vehicle for quick cash.  There is an exception to the rule; which is why I'm not saying that every person who sells a vehicle online without providing a vehicle online is unethical.  There are some genuine people that might believe that they can sell a vehicle without giving a title, because they  lost the title that they had.  However, there are people who are "flipping" vehicles online as means of a source of income and really don't care about producing titles, just as long as the vehicle can render quick cash.

Last, I strongly urge against buying a vehicle online without a title, due to the following reasons:

A. The vehicle could be stolen
B. The vehicle may have a lien on it
c. In the event the vehicle that you bought online is a part of a scam, there is little if any recourse for compensation to be regained.
D. The vehicle itself could have VIN, and or odometer discrepancies.  Note: not having a title, will complicate the matter more, due to the inability to compare VIN and odometer data.

As a vehicle title expert, I am able to provide you with the insight that you need, if you bought a vehicle from online and didn't receive a title in turn.  Don't deal with this unfortunate mishap on your own.  Get professional title help from Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions today.