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SERIOUS AUTO TITLE PROBLEMS: Dealer/Auction Went out of Business Without Giving a Title (Segment 5)

Posted on August 8, 2015 at 4:51 PM Comments comments (500)

When most people go to a dealership or auction their mind is focused on the condition of the vehicle they are getting; rather than the details of the title for the vehicle.  It's natural to just assume or believe that dealers or auctions have the title to the vehicle that they plan on selling you, and that they will not only handle the title work but will do so properly and will give you a title as well.  Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and as a result, there are individuals that buy vehicles from dealers or auctions without getting their title work done or titles rendered; and to add insult to injury the customer sometimes will find that the dealership or auction has gone out of business without giving them a title.  In this segment, I will discuss: A. The obligations that dealers/auctions have regarding your vehicle title/registration and B. What to do if you don't get a title from the dealer/auction.

Obligations Dealers/Auctions Have Regarding Your Vehicle Title/Registration

When it comes to the title and registration side of your vehicle purchase; dealers and auctions have the following obligations:

1. To ensure that they issue you a properly transferred auto title and registration in your name (Mistakes do occur and the wrong individual can sometimes be on the title work).

2. To ensure that the lienholder (if being financed) is recorded properly on the title/paperwork.  Note: Depending on your state and or lienholder, normally you won't receive a title until you pay the vehicle off.  However certain states will release the title to the buyer with the lien on it.

3. Must comply with motor vehicle title/registration processing deadlines.  Note: Most states require vehicles to be titled and or registered within 30 days of purchase. However some states give shorter timeframes or even more; it just depends on your state requirements.

4. Dealers/auctions are to collect the applicable motor vehicle fees (title, sales tax, registration fees and any other applicable taxes) on your behalf and submit to the DMV accordingly.

What to Do or Not To Do If You Don't Get a Title From the Dealer/Auction?

If you don't receive your title/registration from the dealer/auction and they happen to go out of business; the following tips are critical in determining whether or not you will get a title:


1. Get a bill of sale, buyer's order, odometer disclosure and other documents pertaining to your purchase.

2. Get a temporary registration and plates

3. Ask the dealer/auction do they have a properly assigned title to your vehicle.  If so ask to see the title.  If the dealership/auction lacks the title' ask them for a document/affidavit in writing providing the reason why they don't have a title, how and when they plan to obtain the title.


1. Wait past 30 days to inquire about your title and registration from the dealership.  If a dealership/auction goes out of business; it's harder to get recourse for your situation if you wait too long!

2. Don't resell your vehicle (thinking that this is a quick fix to get rid of the vehicle-SHOULD YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND AND WANT TO SELL DUE TO TITLING DELAYS FROM THE DEALER/AUCTION) Should you try to resell, while you don't have a properly reassigned title, this will cause a title skipping situation.

If you bought a vehicle from a dealer/auction and you haven't received your title, getting the run around about your title work, etc.; Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions LLC is able to assist you .

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