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Posted on February 12, 2014 at 2:01 PM

Note: If you have a question or need contact me, please don't post your questions on this blog.  Contact me at [email protected] or

In this post, I will place emphasis on what a mechanic/storage lien is, the purpose of a mechanic/storage lien, who can file for mechanic/storage liens and what a mechanic lien is not.  Before I continue, I want to mention that mechanic liens in the area of a contractor status (a contractor for repairs a home without receiving compensation) or and auto, or storage status (a mechanic/storage holder who repairs/stores vehicles without receiving compensation) is the emphasis here. 


The term Mechanic/Storage lien is sometimes spoken as one term, however Mechanic and Storage lien can be either combined or separated depending on the situation.  A mechanic lien is associated with an auto mechanic and a storage lien is associated with companies providing storage and towing.  Observe the following:

A. There are auto repair services that provide auto repair only and may decide not to charge a storage fee; thus a Mechanic Lien will apply in this case.

B. Auto repair services that provide auto repair, and storage services; can charge both; thus a Mechanic/Storage Lien will be applicable.

C. In cases where a tow and or storage services are being rendered only'; a Storage Lien will apply.

The Purpose of a Mechanic/Storage Lien:

The purpose of a mechanic/storage lien is to recover compensation or the title due from services that have been rendered.  The mechanic/storage lien can only be filed if and only if the vehicle is in possession of the service provider.  Note: If you as the service provider, allow your customer to take the vehicle and enter a "pay later" type of deal, and your customer fails to pay; you won't be able to file a mechanic/storage lien because the vehicle is no longer in your possession.  In essence you can't place a lien on something that isn't in your possession or something in which you don't have a secured interest in.

Who Can File for a Mechanic/Storage Lien?

Mechanic/Storage Liens are monitored by the states in which they are filed.  Accordingly, the mechanic/storage lien laws are meant for those in which they apply to; which prohibits people from filing for mechanic/storage liens if they don't qualify. 

Mechanic/Storage Liens can be filed by the following:

1. Auto Repair Services or Individual Auto Mechanics
2. Auto Tow and Storage (Combination) Companies
3. Vehicle Storage Yard or Lot Companies
4. Auto Recovery Companies

What a Mechanic/Storage Lien Is Not:

A mechanic/storage lien title isn't a short-cut or quick way to get a title, simply because you bought a vehicle without getting a title. Trying to get a mechanic/storage lien title done by false means opens the door to DMV investigations as well as legal persecution.  Again, if you aren't in one of the categories listed above, you don't qualify to file a mechanic/storage lien.

If you need assistance with filing a mechanic/storage lien; Wisdom & Authority Title Solutions is able to help you with your situation from start to finish.  The entire process is done for you legally, as well as DMV interaction.  Whether you have one vehicle or multiple vehicles on your lot; professional and accurate help is available to you.  Submit your request.


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